Greetings of 2011

  • Khampa Horse Festival !!


  • Tibetan New Year Festival !!


  • Shaman Festival in Tibet!!


 Himalayan wild life

Detailed itinerary

D1 16Jul Beijing
D2 17JulBeijing/Xining
D3 18Jul Xining/Repkong(Tonreng)
D4—5 19-20Jul Repkong(Tonreng)
Sharman Festival
D6 21Jul Repkong(Tonreng)/Tsecok/Hor Gon
Stay in Hor Gon monastery. Visit the world longest Mani wall and the monastery.
D7 22Jul Hor Gon /Machen
The most dense and large prayer flags area (which cover a whole mountain side) of Machen is the most charming spot in the town
D8 23JulMachen/ Darlag (Dari Xian)
Darlag is another important town in Golok. We will visit one very important Ningmapa monastery Traling monastery in the morning. This monastery especially here because of the great sky bury sits close by. All the Goloks are believe this the best location for sky bury
D9 24Jul Darlag (Dari Xian)/Banma
D10 25JulBanma
D11 26Jul Banma/Jigdril (Juizhi Xian)
D12 27Jul Jigdril (Juizhi Xian)/Machu Machu (means Yellow River in Tib) county is one of the most beautiful nomadic area with real nomads culture in Tibet, as the county occupies the whole inner part of the first bend on the yellow river, so this rolling grassland naturally become the dream place of all the nomads around. We been study many years about the nomads culture at Machu and this is the first time to introduce this brilliant life to outside as more and more people are dreaming go back into nature.
D13 28Jul Machu/Taktsonglamo(Lamusi)
D14 29JulTaktsang Lhamo(Lamusi) Daktsang Lhamo are located at the border of Sichuan Province and Gansu Province. There are tow big monastery Sertong Gonpa and Gerde Gonpa. Visit the monastery in the morning, after lunch go out the town for the holly site Paldenlamo.
D15 30JuTaktsang Lhamo(Lamusi)/Labrang
D16 31Jul Reckdra festival in Labrang
D17 1AugReckdra festival inLabrang
This is a traditional Tibetan theater festival; hold once a year only in Labrang monastery. This theater is explaining the Great Buddhism Tantric Master Milarepa from Kalgyu Sect. He teach the hunter and the dog to free life the deer which been so frightened by then after been quested for long time. Lots of nomads will come for the festival and tack vow to stop hunting after been attend the festival.
D18 2AugLabrang/ Lanzhou
D19 3Aug Lanzhu/Beijing
4Aug Beijing/Hom