Photo Gallary

Amazing Tibet Tours will arrange for a car and driver on all trips that require overland travel or if our customers request a car and driver for any reason. In the past, we have provided private vehicle transportation to our customers for the following reasons:
   •  Trips in Tibet and Silk Road
   •  Group or Individual sightseeing
   •  Shopping
   •  Important business appointments  
   •  Car and driver rental for one or        several months
   •  Car and driver rental for a single or        several days

Please note: We provide full insurance cover


  • Mt Kawa Kapo


  • Tibetan monks in Aba


  • blackneckedcran


  • Stupa

    Stupa in Golok




  • Padmasambhava


  • Tibetan village


  • Tibetan nomads


  • Nomadic tent




  • Riding monks


  • khampa lady


  • Young nomad


  • Morning in pasture