Greetings of 2011

  • Khampa Horse Festival !!


  • Tibetan New Year Festival !!


  • Shaman Festival in Tibet!!


New Year Festival in Repkong & Labrang

Detailed Itinerary

D1 Arrive Beijing.

D2 Beijing/Xining

We fly to Xining (Alt: 2200m), capital city of Qinghai Province. Afternoon, we visit Kumbum monastery.

D3 Xining/Repkong

We drive 180KM to Tongren (Tib: Repkong) county, one of the most important Tibetan Culture Centers in East-Tibet. As the place is hidden in a mountain valley, it keeps its strong culture that it's still un-known by outside world. We will stay here for three days and each day with different activities by both monks and village people. We stay in Tongren hotel. With clean room and hot water for shower.

D4 Visit Repkong

We drive 7Km to Guomar village to see Sunning of the Buddha. The whole procession is exiting. As this great event happens only once a year, all the villager are eager to prostrate in front of this huge Tangka, which 40m long and 30m wide.

D5 Visit Repkong

Drive 5Km to Wutun monastery (Tub:Sangishang), a famous monk art school set up in 16th century. Now has 120 monks, the youngest is only 7 years old but they are so well trained be a artists in this monastery. You can find their art works almost in whole Tibetan area, such as paintings and sculptures. Masks dance by monk artists here is wonderful. The main theme of the performances describes all the Protector Deities how to kill the devil spirits, which made by barley flower in a triangle box (Tib: Dorma, meaning bad things need to be thrown away). The best part is to see when monks burning the devil things at the end of Dance in the field near the monastery. You can not imagine how happy the whole village people is when seeing Dorma is burning and hundreds of village men let off countless firecrackers together… At the moment in this atmosphere, you can create a strong feeling of self-confidence towards New Year. It seems no any difficulties can stop your steps to a bright future

D6 Visit Repkong

Drive 7Km to Guomar village again to see another different Masks Dance by monks in Guomar monastery. Standing on the huge Kalachakra Pagoda, will provide a highlight view for beautiful Repkong valley.

D7 Tongreng—Labrang

Drive 4 hours through a very nice valley to Labrang monastery. The valley looks like “Grand Canyon” but afterwards we will drive into the beautiful grassland where we can see yaks and sheep and visit Nomads families. Labrang monastery is one of six great Gelukpa (Yellow hat sect) monasteries in Tibet, was founded in 1709, housing more than 1500 monks. As Labrang and Kumbum(Tar si) are considered most important institution of higher learning in East-Tibet, during the New Year Festival, here attracts thousands of Tibetan nomadic families for pilgrimage from far away. This is the most important occasion for then in a year.
Stay in overseas hotel and standard rooms with hot water for shower.

D8 Visit Labrang

We stay here for 4 days to enjoy the Tibetan New Year Festival (Tib: Molam ), which is different from the Festival we join in Repkong area, but both places offer its own characteristic and every day we can enjoy something new. We will see the Sunning the Buddha today; a large appliqué Tangkha (30 by 40m) which will display on the mountain slop opposite the monastery.

D9 Visit Labrang

Today will be the day for Mask Dance. The dance will take place in Labrang monastery for whole day; you will meet lots of beautiful dressed Tibetan nomads around. The Mask Dance from the Labrang are really famous in whole Tibet, and the monks are been trained for one years for this occasion. In summer you can see them practicing the dance in monastery or by the river band.

D10 Visit Labrang

We will visit the great monastery in the morning, after lunch you may have free time for the big free market. The market is fantastic, full of traditional Tibetan ornaments; many nomads come here for shopping together with their family. This is such good chance for them to bay the things the need for the year round.

D11 Labrang/Lanzhou

(Morning at Labrang after Lunch Drive to Lanzhu) To see the procession of a Maitreya Buddha images around the monastery. Maitreya Buddha is the future Buddha; people are doing prostration in front of him to prey for bringing their lives again to the world when he becomes Buddha after thousands of years.

D12 Lanzhou / Beijing.

D13 Beijing / Home.