Greetings of 2011

  • Khampa Horse Festival


  • Tibetan New Year Festival


  • Shaman Festival in Tibet


Botanic Tibet

The Tibetan Plateau offers a wide variety of natural diversity - snow-covered highlands, arid deserts, lush meadows full of blossoming flowers, dense forests, dark swamps, rushing rivers, and deep canyons.  Here on the roof of the world resides piercing sunlight, bringing warmth to the crisp winter air.  Experience the rich intensity of colors, light, and the diverse plant life of the remote reaches of the Tibetan Plateau.  Here, the botanical landscape is uniquely adapted to the climate of Tibet, and much of the foliage is endemic to this region alone.


Briefed Itinerary

D01   20 Aug   Beijing/Xining  flight
D02   21 Aug   Xining/Achong Namdzong  140km
                       Over night in the Nunnery
D03   22 Aug   Achong Namdzong  Over night inthe nunnery
D04   23 Aug   Achong Namdzong/Repkong 100km Repkong Hoet
D05   24 Aug   Repkong
D06   25 Aug   Repkong
D07   26 Aug   Repkong/Henan(Sogwo) 160km  Henan Hotel
D08   27 Aug   Henan(Sogwo)
D09   28 Aug   Henan (Sogwo)
D10   29 Aug   Henan/Tsonggon/Golok 300km  Xueshan Hotel
D11   30 Aug   Golok /Banma 314 km  Lianhua Hotels
D12   31st Aug  Banma/Jigdril 210km  Nianhu Hotel
D13   1st Sep   Jigdril/Machu 190km  Shouqu Hotel
D14   2nd Sep  Machu
D15   3ed Sep  Machu/Lamusi 80km  Lamusi Hotel
D16   4th Sep   Lamusi/Chone 160km  Postal Hotel
D17   5th Sep   Chone/Labrang 174km  Wangfu Hotel
D18   6th Sep   Labrang – Ganjia --Lanrang 25km
D19   7th Sep   Labrang/Binglingsi/Lanzhou 300km  JJ Hotel
D20   8th Sep   Lanzhou/Beijing

Trip Highlights:

    Labrang Monastery
    Mt Amny Machen
    Rolling Grassland at Machu and Henan
    Largest nunnery in Amdo-Achon Namdzong
    Wild flowers
    Tibetan family visit(Tibetan nomads and famer)
    Walking on rollong grassland in Amdo
    Picnic lunch in Wild Tibet
    Meet Tibetan artist

    Tour Code: AT10-A-001

  • Dates/Season: May-October

  • Starts/Ends: 

  • Trip Type: 
    Amdo Overland Tours

  • Activity Level: 
    Regular itinerary


What's Included in Tour Prices:
*Four star international standard hotel in Beijing and Lanzhu
*Ground transportation (arrival, departure airport transfer and during tours) 
*All sightseeing and activities listed in the itinerary 
*All meals specified in the itinerary 
*Service of an English-speaking tour guide
(We will provide a local guide who is fluent in both English and Chinese when you are traveling through non-Tibetan areas of China, and will provide a local guide who is trilingual in English, Chinese and Tibetan when you are traveling through Tibetan areas.) 
*Private and clean vehicle with air-conditioning 

What's Not Included in Tour Prices:

*International airfare 
*Domestic airfare (Beijing / Xining USD:200 P/P;   Lanzhou / Beijing USD:216 P/P)
*Gratuities to guides and drivers

Contact Detail:

Booking and Cancellation

It is best to book your trip as early as possible, in order to ensure we have sufficient time to arrange your hotel rooms, flights, and transportation. This is particularly the case in the high tourist season of summer.

A deposit of 30% of the total trip cost is required when you make the final booking for your trip. (See below under Cancellations for information on conditions under which a deposit may be returned.)  

Balance of Payment
The remaining 70% of trip costs are due 30 days prior to your departure. Depending on the number of applicants, we may set an early or later payment date.  If the balance of payment is not received by the requested date, we reserve the right to cancel your booking without prior notice.

Cancellation received less than 60 days prior to the departure date will result in loss of deposit. If you cancel your trip more than 60 days before the departure date, we will return your deposit.

In the event of a natural disaster or political unrest in the travel region or the client's place of residence prior to the client's arrival in China, trip cancellation may be required. In this event, the client's deposit will be returned. In this event, if the client has paid for the trip in full, the full amount paid will be returned to the client.

If, however, a natural disaster or political unrest occurs after the client arrives in the travel region, no refund will be made to the client.

Air ticket cancellation charges will be as per the policy of concerned airlines.

After the trip commences, any part of unused services for whatever reason will not be refunded or compensated in any form.